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Skye & Change
 Pilot broadcast on APTN. Winner Best Short Film 38th American Indian Film Festival

Skye & Chang is a female-buddy martial-arts sci-fi mash-up series - with awesome Aboriginal superpowers. Skye Daniel and Emily Chang are bodyguards to the rich and famous and defenders of the innocent who are drawn into a sinister plot by an intergalactic secret society out to create destruction on a global scale


Merging action, crime, sci-fi, and female buddy drama Skye and Chang is a unique hybrid that adds witty humour and stylish creative vision to make Skye and Chang fresh and engaging. We reference the coolest in pop culture, while harkening to old-school martial arts and action films.  Skye and Chang is meaningful entertainment that will draw those who like strong characters and compelling storytelling.


Skye&Chang Dojo

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