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Monkey Beach: Feature film based on the novel Monkey Beach, by Eden Robinson (packaging phase) 


Director | Producer


Lisa wants to be normal, as normal as someone who’s been haunted by strange creatures and dreams since childhood, always before something tragic happens. The dreams are back and this time her brother Jimmy is missing at sea. Jimmy went commercial fishing with Uncle Josh but his secret motive is revenge. Lisa sets out in a small boat, in a raging sea, to save her brother’s life, or at least his soul.


Visit Monkey Beach: The Movie 


Monkey Beach is based on the book “Monkey Beach”, written by Eden Robinson, who is considered one of Canada’s best young writers. Monkey Beach, her first novel,  was published in 7 countries including France, USA, Germany and Great Britain. It was nominated for two prestigious awards in Canada – the Governor General Award and the Giller Prize. The novel also won glowing reviews from in the world press, including the New York Times, London Times, Time Magazine, the Globe and Mail and the Washington Post Magazine. Monkey Beach remains in publication and has a world-wide cult following. 

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